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Who We AreMassachusetts Special Care & Association

MSCA will provide home care services in Holliston, Massachusetts, and support for various activities to individuals with special needs that will enable them to live independently in the least restrictive setting in the community of their choice. A plan of care will be developed based on the individual’s assessment. Our assistance may include teaching, improving, and helping individuals gain skills in the areas of personal finance, health, shopping, use of community resources, community safety, and other social and adaptive skills that will enable the participant to live well in the community. Focus and attention will be given to the training and education with the goal of self-determination and self-advocacy, so special needs individuals will learn to exercise control and responsibility over themselves and become more independent and productive in their communities.

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Mission Statement

The mission of Massachusetts Special Care & Association (MSCA) is to help individuals with disability of any form to explore their full potential, participate fully and as independently as possible in the day-to-day life of the community, and earn the respect they deserve.

Vision Statement

MSCA supports the quality of life of every individual and provides services that help all to reach their fullest potential. Each person’s strengths and abilities are identified, and their support needs will be met through quality service provision and effective collaboration with community partners and supports.